The Bible in 90 days?

I received a resource to help me get through the Bible in 90 days recently.  It had all the readings I needed.  It laid it out firmly for me and I thought it was great idea. After all how hard could it be?  Here’s how it’s been so far:

January 2nd: Decided to join the Bible in 90 days challenge.

January 3rd: Picked up the Bible.  Opened it to Genesis.  Read one chapter to X. out loud.  Then got bored.  I’ve read this section 100 times.  Felt guilty for feeling bored.  Picked it up again.  Read one more chapter and thought perhaps my choice of the Message (which was picked for easy reading) was not good.  A little too expressive for my tastes today.  14 chapters to go and I’m already behind as I cannot force myself to finish.

January 4th: Got up at 6 am determined to finish the 14 chapters from yesterday and today’s work.  At 6:01 my son cries out from his room.  It’s time to start the day I guess.  My attempt to read while he plays fails as he decides the Bible is more interesting than his little people bus.  X. attempts to rip my Bible from my hands.  At this point I’ve switched to the NRSV – Study Bible that cost me more than 100$ when I was in seminary so the cry that shot from my mouth when this happened was completely justified.  Decide to wait until later. Later never comes as I fall asleep.

January 5th: Dawn breaks and day is filled with excitement.  I’m going to my favorite sushi restaurant for lunch with my brother and future sister-in-law.  Should be fun.  Was fun.  So fun in fact I forgot everything else I was supposed to do.

January 6th-8th: Days are filled with activities as our family prepares to send my brother and sister back to school.  With dinners, lunches, movies and more all other activities are thrown to the side.

January 9th: Day of rest.  Phew!  I’m tired.

January 10th: My goodness!  I totally forgot to read the Bible and I committed to doing it in 90 days.  Must get on that.  First though I need to get prayers and scripture ready for Sunday…

January 11th: Lunch with Gran.  Every Tuesday we go to lunch and go shopping.  Afterwards I put my feet up and fall asleep while watching the Biggest Loser.

January 12th: Epic snowstorm.  Perfect for sermon preparation.  Get lost in Matthew 6.  Completely forget about Genesis.

January 13th-15th: Matthew 6 still.  Sermon almost completed and I’m feeling pretty good.

January 16th: Organist asks me to have everything picked for church by Tuesday as she needs to practice early this week.  This is stressful!  Must work as soon as possible…ZZZZZZZZZZ.  Sunday afternoons are always a lost cause.

January 17th: Balance Pediatrician, X. play time and Sunday morning preparation.  When the husband comes home he gets us chicken. I love my husband!

January 18th: Freezing rain has cancelled all my plans and I’m bummed.  We stay inside and get lost playing with Chuck the truck.

January 19th: Haircut, Play time, Presbytery.  It’s all so busy I barely have time to think.

January 20th: Steam cleaning of our tiles forces us out of the house until 4 pm. Got home in time to make Chicken Tortilla Soup and then race off for my first night at the gym with a friend.

January 21st: Sermon still not done!  Epic panic mode.  Sit down and devour Matthew 4 while I write.  Get it finished at midnight and head to bed.

January 22nd: Edit sermon, visit with Mother-in-Law and attempt to relax.

January 23rd: Preach. Sleep. Eat.

January 24th: Realize how behind I am on the Bible in 90 day challenge!  Go to bed with Bible one hour early.  Fall asleep at Genesis 5. Long lists of names always get me.

January 25th: Get up at 5 with X.  Am determined to read further.  He plays and lets me read (a miracle really).  Genesis 6 starts and I realize the sons of God are sleeping with the women on earth and I think this is hilarious.  Think about this for a while and then run to tell husband.  Continue reading.  Noah is a little too well known to me so I have to slug through it.  Get to the part where Abram lets the Pharoah take Sarai for his wife.  Find this a little disturbing.  Contemplate my fate were Husband and I ever sent to a foreign land where I had to save his life by pretending to be his sister. I ask Husband what he would do, would he allow me to be another man’s wife?  He laughed. Didn’t answer me.  I stop reading at the end of Genesis 12.

I think this project might take a little longer than 90 days.


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