Do you really want to meet Jesus?

I’ve heard some people talking about meeting Jesus lately and I started to think about whether I would actually want to meet Jesus.  Think about it.  Really ask yourself, would you want to meet Jesus?   I’m assuming we’d all want to say yes but there are a few things we’d need to consider.

After all this is the guy who:

  1. Associated with a lot of people society didn’t accept. People who were crooks and sinners.  People who may have been prostitutes.  The outcasts and sick.  Jesus was willing to be with anyone.  Are we that willing?  Are we able to push past what we’re comfortable with to minister to those we aren’t?  (Matthew 9, Luke 5)
  2. Who talked about drinking wine, who turned water into wine, and let’s face it likely drank the wine.  He spoke of celebrations and enjoying life!  Does this challenge our image of him?  (Luke 5, John 2)
  3. Who spoke in parables so that he could really find out who was listening and who wasn’t.  It’s kind of like a giant puzzle. Instead of giving everything he makes people work for it.  Jesus makes people work for faith.   Are we comfortable with that or do we want things given to us?  We think faith is a gift but Jesus clearly says faith is a gift we have to work for.  Are we willing to work for it?  (Matthew 13)
  4. Messed up the Temple.  Seriously messed it up.  He threw out everyone, kicked over tables and stalls.  In John it says he got a whip out.  He was angry.  He lost it.  I’m betting there was yelling and some serious words thrown about.  How would you like it if Jesus came into your church and did the same thing?  Would you like it if someone came in and lost it?  It doesn’t sound very nice, does it.  (Matthew 21, John 2)

This is only a small portion of the craziness Jesus brought.  He also talked of abandoning your family.  He spoke of giving everything for the cause.  Jesus healed people on the Sabbath.  Jesus dealt with the Devil and evil spirits. Jesus was challenging.  Jesus was a bold person.  Jesus was incredible and completely unpredictable.

The thing is Jesus is actually going to want you to look at your life and make changes.  We’re all pretty comfortable in our faith. We go to church and have the preachers preach at us.  We read the Bible from our own world view.  Everything is pretty much set for us.  And all of that, all the comfort and security in faith would be thrown out the window in a moment when we met Jesus face to face.

In my life I’ve met Jesus a few times.  Each time things have drastically changed (usually for the better) but it was never easy.  It was not something that I could just accept.   I had to be involved.  Jesus makes us examine who we are.  Jesus forces us to realize our faults.  He forces us to really examine who we are.   It’s terrifying, exciting, amazing and incredibly challenging.  Meeting Jesus changes lives.  It doesn’t just happen once.  It happens over and over again.  We need to push ourselves.  We need to really examine our commitment.  Jesus asks a lot.  Are we willing to follow through?

The question is: Do you want to meet Jesus?  Are you actually ready?   I’m not sure I’m ever ready but I’m willing to give it a shot. Why don’t you join me?


4 responses to “Do you really want to meet Jesus?

  1. I will be on my knees when I am meet Him and acting like a goof until that new body arrives. Love that He was radical and willing to ask questions and wanting a response of truth.

  2. Wow Becky! That was a thought-provoking post. We so often have this limited (and let’s face it, sometimes a bit boring) view of Jesus. I’ve been challenged lately to ask God to reveal more of Himself to me.

    By the way, today I tagged you with a blog award in my post. We were supposed to recognize 5 blogs that we’ve recently discovered and you were one that came to mind. I really enjoy reading your posts!

    • Thanks Karen! We often do have a boring view of Jesus. I like if God created us the way we are he must have a pretty good sense of humour!

      Thank you for the blog award as well. I’m trying to form my own but I have a hard time talking about myself (weirdly as I’m a blogger but finding 7 things has been a challenge). Hopefully I’ll finish it and post it soon!

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