This video says it all…

Watch this video. Seriously, watch the video.

Wasn’t that insane!!! That was the technology of my youth.  I remember when that technology was cool and hip. Some of it was even a little old to me.

If technology that is less than 30 years old is antiquated and completely out of date already, what does that say about our churches which are still stuck on what we did in the past?  No wonder we’re having a hard time attracting people these days.  I definitely think it’s time for a change.


2 responses to “This video says it all…

  1. Wow! For some reason my sound wasn’t working, but luckily there were subtitles to read. I think I might have had a little Fisher Price turntable like they showed when I was a kid.

    • Hi Karen! My husband had that Fisher Price turntable too. My Mother-in-Law has it at her home now (it still works!). When we visit we get it out and show our son. He’s very young and doesn’t know what it is but he’s not impressed. Hopefully some day he’ll think it’s ‘retro’ and fun.

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