What is prayer?

Prayer is a conversation.  Prayer is a fluid action in life.  Prayer is a time when we express to God our wishes, our desires, our hopes, our dreams and (most importantly) our thanks for God’s involvement in our life.   Prayer is also a time to express dissatisfaction.  It’s a time to lay it on the line and tell God how upset we are, how much hurt we are feeling and just throw it out into God’s hands.

Prayer is a relationship.  Prayer is what we do every minute of the day, every moment of our lives if we are living with God and Jesus is the centre of everything.

I know that prayer can be a chosen moment.  It can be a time when we pull aside and specifically pray.  That’s fine.  But prayer goes beyond that.  If you are in a relationship with someone it doesn’t start and stop when you are away from them. The relationship is constant.  It needs tending.  It requires work.  It needs to be respected.

Prayer is respect.  It’s work.  It’s love.  It’s something we do because we want to grow in relationship with God.

Jesus tells us to pray in a simple way.  Jesus encourages us to come before God without theatrics or drama.  Jesus tells us that all we need to do is come.  We need to be there, present in the moment and honest with what we need (or rather what we think we need).

This week I’ve done a lot of thinking (and engaged in a lot of prayer).  I’ve really been wrestling with how I express myself.   How do I do this Season of Discernment when really I’m the type of person who doesn’t leave it all out on the table.  I read blogs and admire how many people throw their faith out into the world without care or concern.  I was jealous and wanted to be as bold in my faith as they are in theirs. Luckily God pointed me to Matthew 6.  Matthew 6 describes for us a life of simplicity. A life where we stop worrying about the things (and people) around us and start thinking about God and God’s blessings.  I’d like to dive into this a little more over the next few weeks and really sink my teeth into what God’s asking me to do.

If you’d like to join in with me I’d ask that you read Matthew 6.  It’s been eye opening for me.   Don’t just stop at one translation.  Go to and read different versions.  Watch for the slight variations in each translation.  Pour over the text as you read and try to find the true heart of the message.  As you’re reading take notes on things that hit you. Over the next few weeks we’ll be going through this chapter piece by piece to really discover what Jesus intends for us in prayer and perhaps in life.  I hope that you will join me.


2 responses to “Prayer.

  1. Hi Becky!
    It wasn’t until this year that I realized I was allowed to let God know that I was dissatisfied with things in my life….someone said “If you are mad at God, well then talk to Him about it!” and I thought “Mad at God!?” Well, yeah…I guess we do get a little upset about how things go in life …and since He is after all…The Father, than it would make sense to talk to him about it! After many years of praising Him, asking for certain blessings, opening my life to Him..I finally added another dimension to my prayer…discussing discontentment and asking for either peace or change. Bless you, Janelle

  2. You’re absolutely right Janelle! Expressing our concerns and hurts really adds a new dimension to our relationship with God. I find that when I really open up how I feel (instead of just asking for what I want) I’m often surprised with where God leads me.

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