New Year, New Calendar!

I am currently in possession of a brand spanking new 2011 Organizer/Planner.

I am in love.  Seriously in love.

You might think I have no need for calendars as I stay home.  I can assure this this is not true.  Between pulpit supply, play dates, and doctor’s appointments I barely have enough brain power to keep it all straight.  I’m petrified of not going on the right Sunday to the right Church.  I’m paranoid we’ll miss an appointment with a specialist and wind up on a waiting list that’s 6 months long.  I need a calendar.

Calendars bring such promise.  Empty slots hold potential.  The might be moments where greatness exists, where potential can be reached and amazing things might happen.  A new year brings new dreams, new hopes and new beginnings.

As you move into your new calendar and watch those slots start to fill in, remember to fill some of that time with your dreams and desires, with the things you actually want to do.  This year has the potential to be great!  Amazing things might happen. You just have to give yourself the space to actually do it.


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