Peppermint tea, the tree and me…

“What’s a Christmas gram?  I want one!” Buddy the Elf

December 10: Host a family movie night.  Again it can just be your immediate family or you can incorporate friends.  Start off with a movie for the kids and then have the adult viewing after they head off to bed.

With X feeling a little under the weather our movie night was just the husband and I.  We picked Elf.  A wonderful Christmas Comedy.  I have collected tons of Christmas movies over the years and this newer film has become one of our favorites.  We gathered treats like popcorn and grapefruit.  I brewed a pot of peppermint green tea and we enjoyed some quality time together in front of the tree.  We’ve got a very busy weekend ahead so a quiet night in was exactly what the doctor ordered.

How did you spend movie night?  Did you have a big party or a quiet family night?

I hope you enjoy your weekend and find it filled with moments of joy and moments of reflection.  Relax, embrace and celebrate the season!


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