A tiny flaw.

December 9: Collect the spare change you can find throughout your house and put it in a jar.  Over the next few weeks continue doing this until you have enough to put in a donation box of your choosing

I’ve just realized one tiny flaw in my plan.  I rarely use cash.

I’m a debit card junky.  Gone are the days when I could go into the couch and pull out 10$ worth of cash for lunch on my way to school.  Now my change is floating around in the banking system somewhere.

I guess I’ll have to get some cash…


2 responses to “A tiny flaw.

  1. My kids liked this one as we are already doing it. A few years ago my sister in law made a stocking and we designated it the ‘Jesus’ stocking. We give money and choose a family who could use it and the kids love it!

    • I love this idea! I think we might need a ‘Jesus’ stocking in our house next year. It sounds fantastic. I’m glad the kids love it!

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