Dear God….

…our task today was to pray for people in need around the world and I fear I have many requests.  At this time of year when so much is happening that is joyful, we sometimes overlook the people and situations that are in trouble.  I have so much that I am grateful for and I appreciate all of my blessings. This year I ask for help.  Help for the people in this world who could use some of your blessings.

Today I ask that you be with the families of those who have experienced loss.  Loss comes in many forms God. Through death, divorce, anger and bitterness, we as people find ourselves in situations where we feel we’ve lost everything.  When we’re most alone, we sometimes forget you are with us.  Be with these people God as only you can.  Help them to feel your presence in their lives so they know they are not alone.

I pray also for the people who’ve been coming to our church looking for food and assistance.  Even two years ago these requests where few and far between.  Now is seems like every month we have new families with new needs and it’s hard to fill all the requests.  Help them find the assistance they need.  Provide opportunities to help them help their families. Open the hearts of our congregation’s members that they may give the food and resources needed to help these families.

I have stressed friends and family God.  The calls, the visits, the tears, a lot is happening in their lives and there isn’t a lot I can do to ease their burdens.  Help them find the ability to relax.  Help them feel the true meaning of Christmas. Help them understand that underneath all of the demands, the deadlines and the pressures they feel from others lies the gift of a relationship with you.   That relationship can bring the peace that only you can provide.  Help them discover that peace.

There are so many people in the world who are living in fear Lord.  There are wars, gangs, bullying, hatred and violence in other forms.  Please be with the people who are suffering in this way.  Sometimes there is no way out and they feel they have no one to turn to. Be there for them.  Help them find ways in their lives to see that you are there.  Help us find ways as people to stop the violence and fear.  Encourage us all to work towards a world filled with peace

Finally Lord I pray the readers of this blog.  Whether they come everyday or they are here for the first (and maybe only time) I ask that you bless them in their needs Lord.  We’re in it together Lord, each of us searching for a way to glorify you in the everyday.  Help keep our hearts full and our thoughts directed on you.



One response to “Dear God….

  1. Unfortunately it is at least a new family per week and sometimes two who need help. I can’t recall so many without heat and electricity before.

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