It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere you go here it’s Christmas.

There are decorations all over.   We finally have snow!  Santa’s at the mall.  Last Sunday I happened upon a giant blow up nativity in a church hall and it was a little weird but also cute and definitely festive.  Christmas is everywhere.

Today is Red/Green day.   A day where we try to incorporate any red or green we can into our lives.   A little reminder of the Christmas season on an otherwise normal Tuesday.   We are ready for this challenge.   I like the idea that we’re bringing a little of the holidays into the world wherever we go.   So today we’re looking for different ways to celebrate the season.  Our clothes are set, my menu is pretty sparse right now as I’m looking for red/green ideas and I’m kicking myself for serving chili last night instead of today!

How are you getting into the spirit of the season today?  It’s Tuesday.  It’s an otherwise normal, average, everyday day. What will you do to liven things up?

Let me know!  I’d love to hear how your families are enjoying the project and what kind of ideas you have for bringing the holidays into your life.

Here’s how the day turned out:

Today we celebrated the season.  X and I dressed in red and green.  We went out for a Festive Special for lunch.  We took my Grandmother grocery shopping with us and marveled at all of the Christmas goodies that surrounded us.  I even bought some candied cherries so I could make the Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Cherries cookies. My mother-in-law came over late this afternoon to play with X and I was able to give her the Poinsettia I ordered for her. Life was very festive here.   We enjoyed family.  We planned some activities and are looking forward to continuing to celebrate.   I hope your days were equally enjoyable.

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