Giving Back

We’ve been very blessed as a family.  Our family is able to have me stay home in a time when the economy is uncertain.  We are surrounded by family who love us.  We’re reconnecting with friends.   It’s been a nice time in our lives.

As a result of those blessings are are in the unique position of being able to give back.  Not all giving is monetary but we do like to share our happiness wherever we can.   Our task for today helps us find ways we can give back and show gratitude for our blessings.

December 6th: Make your family wish list of the top 5 ways you wish to give back this Christmas.

Here are the things that made my top 5:

  1. Give food to help our church establish a food bank.
  2. Help sponsor a mobile medical unit that will help deliver immunizations and basic medical care to families in need.
  3. Give to our home congregation.
  4. Box up our extra clothes we don’t wear anymore and give them to a local charity.
  5. ___________________

You’ll notice that number 5 is left blank.  I did this intentionally as I wanted to leave one slot open for giving in a way we haven’t realized yet.  In our everyday life there are opportunities to give time, attention, talents and our money in ways that go unrealized because we don’t look for them.  This month we will continue to look for simple ways in which to help those around us.   These are the things that usually pop up last minute (cookies for a friend, listening to someone’s troubles, providing assistance during an emergency) and I think they are as important as the big gives.

How are you and your family giving this Christmas Season?


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