Day 2: Hunger

Advent is a time of hunger.  As people we hungered for a Saviour.    The community of faith was waiting and wondering when a person would come and lead them into a better life.  The arrival of the baby is an end to that hunger.  God answers our prayers with the gift of a child.  His arrival into the world brings a time of intimate involvement on God’s part.  We get to interact, face to face with the one who created us.

We celebrate this Christmas because of what this baby means.  We celebrate because God wanted to be intimately involved.  We celebrate the promise of this child and we want to express our joy at the coming of the Lord.  Traditions, presents, food and stories all weave their magic through our lives.  It’s a wonderful time.

As wonderful as it is for me, it can be challenging for others.  I am fortunate that I don’t go without food.  Others in my community are not so lucky.   Today’s project is about hunger.  Hunger comes in many forms.  We can hunger for knowledge.  We can hunger for companionship.  Or we can just be hungry.  If you’ve never been hungry it can be hard to appreciate the devastating effects it has on a family.  Today we seek to share our blessings as we provide food for those most in need in our communities.

Today’s Task: Call your local food bank to see what needs are greatest in your community at this time.  Start searching through flyers to see if there are any good deals on these items.

I was going to call but I got up early and went on to my local food banks website.  They actually had a list of their most needed items (as follows).

  • cereal
  • canned vegetables
  • dry pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • canned pasta
  • kraft dinner
  • hygiene items
  • juice boxes
  • school lunch items
  • baby foods and formula
  • canned milk
  • coffee
  • powdered milk
  • sugar

So today I’ll head out with X and try to find some great deals on these items to help share with others.  After all, the more we save, the more we can give.

How are you hungry?   What can you give?



One response to “Day 2: Hunger

  1. Thanks for the reminder! We should remember to do this regularly, but for now I will pack up a bag and get it off this weekend.

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