The countdown begins…

If you’re following along with our Advent Project found here than you’ve probably completed day one already but if you haven’t, don’t fear there’s still time!

Day One: Light your candle.  Read: Isaiah 7:14-15.  Reflect on what you’d like to do this holiday season.

Tonight we lit our candle at dinner and I very nearly forgot.  It isn’t good to forget a project before you begin it!   This is why I had to make a project out of Advent for our family.  Once December hits almost all of our time is scheduled and we have few moments in which we can relax as a family.   By planning our families activities with a focus on what the season actually means we hope we will truly embrace and enjoy this holiday season.

Tonight lighting our candle was a wonderful reminder that Christ is coming into the world.  The light comes out of the darkness.  We will experience joy again!   As we sat together as a family and talked about what we wanted to do (okay the husband and I talked while X had his mouth stuffed with chicken) it was great to think about all of the things we want to do this season.

Our plans for the month so far include:

  • Obviously we’ll be following the Advent Project
  • Watching as many Christmas movies as possible.  My husband says it helps set the mood and I think it’s great to relive memories from my youth.  Many a day has been spent watching White Christmas with my sister or National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation with my brother.
  • Visiting friends.  We’re taking a mini (ultra-mini actually) break and going on Friday to Toronto for the One of a Kind show and dinner with friends.  We haven’t seen them in over a year and are so looking forward to dinner, catching up and just enjoying each other’s company.  Throughout the rest of the month we have other friends scheduled in and we’re thrilled.  Too often throughout the year we get too busy to see each other and it’s great to get together.
  • Shopping in a relaxed way.  I have no desire to run through the mall grabbing things at the last minute.  We’re planning special unique gifts that may have homemade elements if I can pull it off.  I want things to be simple and special.  I love picking out things for people that I know they’ll like and I really look forward to it.
  • Focus on the reason for the season.  Obviously we’re a church family but it’s just as easy for us to get so caught up in things that we forget to worship.  We need to make worship, prayer and reflection a priority this season.

That’s what our family is planning.  What are you planning for the holiday season?  How will you celebrate intentionally?


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