It was a dark and stormy night…

Last night was one of those dark and stormy nights you hear about in romantic novels.  The kind where the heroine rides up to a castle on a horse, alone.  She reaches the imposing door.  Knocks once and with a loud creak it opens slowly of it’s own accord.  A lone candle is lit in the foyer drawing her in.  She turns around looking for a sign of life anywhere and suddenly the clock and candle start singing and dancing!

Today in honor of the last day of our 30 day giving challenge I’m giving away a copy of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

I chose this movie for a couple of reasons.  I love it!  It’s a fantastic film that demonstrates how different world views struggle to find understanding and meaning.  There’s also the fact that it’s a love story and I’m a hopeless romantic.  But primarily, I chose the movie because it’s Advent.  Beauty and the Beast is the story of a castle waiting for a saviour.  All of the inhabitants are waiting for the girl who will break the spell.  They long for someone to rescue them from their situation.

In Advent we are waiting for our Saviour.  We are waiting for the one who will save us from ourselves.  We are waiting for the one who will bring us back into relationship with God.  That Saviour comes to us in the form of a baby.  We need to interact with this child.  We have to experience his growth.  Watch him become a man and learn from him as he teaches.  God came to live with us.  God wants community with us.  God expects us to be in relationship with him.

Like the story of Beauty and the Beast, only if we are in relationship can we truly discover who God and only then can we be redeemed.  We need to understand that it’s grace that saves us.  It’s not what we do, it’s not who we are, it’s just love plain and simple.   So I offer to you this video.  While it’s not a traditional Christmas message it does remind us that we all need salvation.  We’re all waiting for a saviour.  We all need that baby in a manger.

Here’s how you win:

To enter all you have to do is post a comment telling me why you want Beauty and the Beast.

Bonus Entries: If you follow me on Twitter I’ll give you an additional entry.  If you tweet about the giveaway (and make sure I can see it) you’ll get another additional entry!  If you follow my blog and post a comment about that I’ll even give you a 3rd bonus entry.

Good Luck Everyone!  Giveaway ends December 2 at 6 pm EST.

P.S. This giveaway is the beginning of our Advent Journey as a family.  Beginning tomorrow our family with embark on The Advent Project.  We’re looking to find ways to connect as a family with the reason for the season.  If you feel so inclined, join us as we journey through this season as we wait for the baby.  You’ll find the information you need here on our Advent Project page.

30-Day Giving Challenge


One response to “It was a dark and stormy night…

  1. Because its a classic!!!! And it is a vital life life lesson that beauty isn’t skin deep …

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