How I spent my Sunday Afternoon (otherwise known as my freestyle pot roast recipe)

This morning I covered for a church in our area that doesn’t have a minister at the moment.  They are a great group of people and I had a lot of fun.  As we were expecting company for dinner and I was a little late returning home,  I needed to throw something on that was quick and easy.   I dug through the cupboard and here’s what I came up with.
Two pounds of potatoes where chopped and placed in this pot.
Then two pounds of carrots where added which led me to the belief that…
the pot was too small so I transferred the potatoes and the carrots to the roasting pan.  Then I added 2 medium onions roughly chopped, a handful of rosemary, a handful of peppercorns and enough olive oil to coat the mix.
Then I got out the black pepper, kosher salt and rosemary (again!) and proceeded to…
rub those spices all over my roast!
This left us with a dish that looked like this before it went in the oven…
and came out looking like this when it was done.
it was delicious.
I served the Pioneer Woman’s French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms for an appetizer.  They are to die for.  If you haven’t made them do so.  You won’t regret it.

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