Happy Thursday or Happy Thanksgiving?

Today I am thankful.

It will be a day filled with friends, football and sausage.  That’s right,  we’re not having turkey today.  We’re Canadian.

In past years my family has gathered at my house and enjoyed a Turkey on this festive ‘un-holiday’.  We all love football, turkey and holidays so it was a great excuse for us to take a day off of work and celebrate the beginning of the holiday season.   This year it didn’t work out.  My parents are out of town working.  My husband didn’t take the day off because they were out of town and my Mother-in-Law hates football.   So X. and I are doing it alone today.

Today my Husband will leave for work.  I will pack my son in the car and go visit my girlfriend and her two precious girls. We’ll be home in the afternoon baking cookies for the Church Bazaar and listening to the Lions/Patriots game in the background.  I’ll pop on a Christmas movie this evening and embrace the holiday season.  While it’s not a turkey or a family get together it’s our life, and all that is in our life I am grateful for.

Today I am thankful.  I know it’s not our thanksgiving.  Many of the bloggers I read are commenting on Thanksgiving though and it has encouraged me to take time to reflect on some of the blessings in my life.  There are so many things that I am grateful for.  I wrote out a list of them (including my love and best wishes for family members) but erased it because it was too sappy.  No one needs to read that.   Instead I end with best wishes for you and your family.  If you celebrate Thanksgiving today I hope it is a day filled with family, friends, food and fun.  If you’re Canadian like me, I hope your Thursday is as great a Thursday as it can possibly be.


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