The day Jesus took over our lives in the form of Little People…

Today Jesus took over our lives in the form of Little People.  You know what toys I mean, the toys from Fisher Price that litter my floors and trip me at 3 am while I’m getting a glass of water.  Today our Little People Nativity Set arrived.  I ordered this set for my Son as part of the 30 day give project.  I really wanted to find a way to help him understand what Christmas truly is.  I know he’s a little young (he’s only one of course) but he loves his Little People and I thought this was a gift that would serve him (and his brothers/sisters if we’re blessed with more) over the coming years.  When I received the mail notice I was so excited!  We got up this morning, went to the post office first thing and I for one was absolutely floored when I realized how large the set must be.   The box was huge!  I needed help to get it to the car.

When I got it home and eventually got it into the house I was surprised at how the set multiplied.  My husband came home from work early today and was laughing as I pulled piece, after piece, after piece out of the box.  We have a full, fledged nativity scene littering my living room at the moment.  The Inn and the Stable are on our giant footstool/coffee table square and the Wise Men have been forced to camp out on the nearby lamp table.  It’s massive.  It’s invasive.  It’s ridiculous.

While we were marveling at how this Nativity Scene was going to litter our house for the next month I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it is.  When you really think about it, who is Christmas all about anyways?  My house is filled with tasteful, smaller nativities, with two trees, countless snow men and candles throughout the Christmas season.  This year, it will be a little different.  This year our house will be filled with the constant reminder of Jesus.  From the moment we awake, till the time we go to sleep there will be no avoiding Jesus at all and that’s the way it should be.  Too often we get caught up in the trappings of the season and gloss over the fact that the holiday is about the birth of our savior.

My Son is delighted with his set and started playing with it the moment it was finished.  I’m quite pleased that what was originally supposed to be a learning moment for him has turned into a reminder for the whole family.  Our gift today is Jesus.  The reminder of his love and salvation.  I can’t think of a better gift to receive.


3 responses to “The day Jesus took over our lives in the form of Little People…

  1. Becky,
    I am going to steal your idea and order one right now for my 2 year old! How sweet is this toy…Love, love, love it! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. So thankful we have a Savior! Bless you, Janelle

  2. Thanks Ladies!

    I hope your little one loves the set Janelle! Our son has enjoyed it more than we had hoped!!!

    I hope you both have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy your holiday preparations!

    Blessings to you both!

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