Today I took a Sabbath

Today I unintentionally enjoyed a Sabbath.

I got up this morning fully intending to complete a project.  I knew I had a busy day ahead.  I’d been called as a Juror and I had to arrive at the courthouse by 9 am.   I thought I might buy someone at the courthouse a cup of coffee.   I thought this would be a nice way to add some cheer to someone’s otherwise dreary day waiting in the courthouse.   Things didn’t exactly go as planned.

I arrived at the courthouse bright and early and got in the line.  It moved very quickly and soon I was at the check-in desk.  I handed over my form.  Then I asked one question that would change everything. I asked how much time it would be just so I would be able to gauge whether I needed to call home and make further arrangements with Dad regarding X. I only asked because there was already a full courtroom and I didn’t think it could possibly be over by lunch.  Then the lady asked me if I wanted to be on a Jury.  I said no.

Side note: I’ve served on a Jury before and am not opposed to it.  It was an interesting experience.  It just wouldn’t be a convenient time for us right now as I do stay home and don’t have child care arrangements.

After I said no she said I was excused.  That was it.  I could go home.  I didn’t ask to be excused.  I figured I would go through the process like everyone else but instead she just sent me home.   I wasn’t sure what to do.   My Dad had said when I left that if I got out early I could go do some shopping but I hadn’t expected this to happen.

What’s a girl to do with 2 hours of free time?

I went grocery shopping alone.  I got all the stuff I usually forget.  I was able to focus on things that I usually don’t have time for (like sales and new products).  Then after I finished shopping I went to the Christian Bookstore to pick up the copy of “Veggie Tales: It’s a Meaningful Life” for our giveaway (which by the way has excellent odd of winning if you’re interested).  I found myself lost in new books for 15 minutes that I usually don’t have time to even look at.

When I got home my son was played out and delighted to have spent time with his Grandpa.  He went down for a nap the instant I got home.  My Dad and I had time to sit down and talk about the Un-Pageant at church and what our plans where.   The afternoon was capped off with lunch and a very long, very enjoyable walk and before I knew it it was dinner.

I didn’t stop for coffee today.  I didn’t need it so I didn’t have a chance to give that.

I didn’t get the chance to help anyone at the grocery store (or perhaps I was delightfully oblivious in my new found freedom).

I didn’t get the chance to help at home as everyone had everything taken care of.  We had leftovers in the fridge as I didn’t know when I would be home and my husband is a fairly easy man to please.  He’s happy when I bring him Oreos and Milk while we’re watching football (which was a delicious snack I must say).

Today I took an unintentional Sabbath from the 30 day give project.  I didn’t mean to.  I hadn’t wanted to.  It just happened.  I can say that I’ve done some brainstorming and do know ways in which I want to give throughout the rest of the project.   I just wasn’t able to execute today.   The Sabbath is traditionally a day of rest and worship and I did both of those things.  I was able to find rest and comfort in the surprise of the day.  I was able to wrestle with the text I am preaching on this week and really think of what I want to say to the people.  I was able to sit in the stillness and embrace the day and all it held.  God gave me a break today and I needed it.

I do intend to catch up.  Tomorrow I will have 2 things to do.  I’d best go get organized so I can get things done…

4 responses to “Today I took a Sabbath

  1. Love this!! So glad you were able to get a little time to yourself! It makes a WORLD of a difference, doesn’t it! Guess the Lord felt YOU needed to be the recipient of a gift! =)

  2. You did give something…you gave yourself a break! That’s a good thing!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I did need some time and it gave me a much needed break. I woke up today feeling refreshed and ready to go!

  4. Becky, Thank you for sharing your blog! You have such depth and heart…in sharing you fed my soul.

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