Christmas Time is here….

Happiness and cheer…or so I thought.

Earlier this week I took X to the local Christian Bookstore to pick up a copy of the latest Veggie Tale Christmas DVD and some resources for our Church’s Christmas Un-Pageant.  As we entered the store with full, hopeful hearts we were greeted by the grumpiest lady in our city. She stormed past us (nearly knocking X and I over) and confronted the clerk at the counter.  She complained about the lack of Jesus in Christmas.  She wanted to know why her cards didn’t have scripture front and centre (instead of at the bottom).  She warned all who would listen of how terrible this young clerk’s world was going to be as Jesus was going to be pushed out of it and she would be left alone, without Jesus, without faith.  Before leaving she dramatically declared that she was glad her life was almost over as she had no desire to see what the world was going to become.

We were in a Christian bookstore! This lady was ranting about the lack of Jesus in our world when she was surrounded by people of faith.   She also seemed to have forgotten that we serve a resurrected Lord.   Jesus overcame death and surely he can help us overcome apathy.  I like to think that as Christians we should make Christianity look appealing.  If this woman and her rant on the world at large was my first experience with Christ I probably wouldn’t want to learn anything more.  Christmas with Christ in it isn’t appealing when you’re being yelled at.

This experience really made me think.  I long to be a positive representation of Christ in the world.  As I look at the different ways so many people are giving this November I have hope.  I have hope that this world will continue to have Christ’s light shine in it.  I have hope that the Church will be renewed and we will find new ways to reach people.  I believe in the resurrection.  I believe new life can come out of death.  Throughout this project I’ve seen Jesus in this world more times than you can count.  Most recently (as I previously posted) I chose to clean out my cupboard to help local families in need.  Amazingly before I could get my packages in the car I received a call from a local minister telling me the pantry at his Church was empty and two families were in desperate need of food.  My food was at the door, already packaged.  God knew I could help and had everything ready for those families.

It’s projects like the 30 day give that will renew our Church.  These projects remind us to look for the ways Jesus encounters us daily and helps us remember how important our faith is. This project has the potential to change lives and remind us who we serve.

Christmas time is here.  Let’s serve with happiness and cheer.

30-Day Giving Challenge


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