The Biggest Loser

I have the Biggest Loser on as I write this.  This show is especially meaningful to me as I’ve recently lost many, many pounds.  It was hard.  I still have problems with body image and I sometimes think I should lose more, tone my body and try to be more ‘beautiful’.  But watching this show and thinking about how far I’ve come really helps to put my life into perspective (in terms of how I feel about myself, others and the world).  These people want to change.  I am changing.  Life is about choices.  Everyday I make a choice to eat healthfully is a day I’m taking care of myself and my family.   I have to remember that and celebrate the small things.

The theme for this season’s show is “Pay it Forward”.  It’s about helping others make positive choices and using your own circumstances to help others achieve health and wellness.   Today I made a decision to give food to the food bank from our own cupboards.  I gave our food.  This morning I went through my cupboards and chose food that we eat regularly because it’s healthy.  I gave our food so a family who isn’t in the position of being able to afford food at all could benefit from the healthy options that we’re so blessed to be able to enjoy.   Our cupboards may be emptier but it’s my hope that someone else can enjoy what we shared this holiday season.

30-Day Giving Challenge


One response to “The Biggest Loser

  1. Visiting you via the 30 day linky. Your cupboards are emptier but your heart is more full. 😉

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