A victory of sorts

Today was nothing spectacular.  Creating family time when you’re working (even if it’s only substitute preaching) can be a challenge.  So today I decided to deviate from my usual “Sunday”.  My Mother-In-Law just got home from Hong Kong and I knew my boys would want to see her.  I cooked dinner (which I don’t usually do after preaching).   I spent time with my boys.  I gave up my nap (which as many preachers can tell you is a might hard things to do).  Today I tried very hard to be present with my family in spite of the fact that after I conduct worship all I want to do is curl up into a ball.  Today I pushed through my needs and was able to see theirs.  It may not sound like much to you.   But I’ll tell you that right now sitting on this couch at the end of a nice family day it feels like a victory of sorts.

30-Day Giving Challenge


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