Epic Friday Fail

Day 5 of the 30 day give was a total Friday Fail.

Here’s today’s to do list:

  1. Visiting a friend who just had a baby.  She’s looking to borrow a few things and I knew she would like a coffee and a chat. (couldn’t do this as X took 1.5 hours to eat breakfast and we needed to meet my Father and Grandmother for tea at Starbucks).
  2. Purchase lattes for my Grandmother and Father I figured after the first gift fell through I would resort to the thing I am good at, getting people food.  I couldn’t do this as I arrived early, got settled in on the couch with X and a Chai Latte which led to my Grandmother sitting down making a fuss over X and my Dad running off without us to get coffee.
  3. Giving the last “Jesus is the Gift Bowl” to the clerk at the Christian Bookstore. After Starbucks I went to the bookstore to look for some materials for the Christmas Un-Pageant at our Church on Dec. 19th.  I didn’t find anything for that but found this delightful bowl for my kitchen table.   As I was checking out the clerk told me how much she loved it and wanted it.  I tried to give it to her.  I begged her to keep it.  She wouldn’t have it.  Nothing I could say would convince her to have the bowl.  It’s now at my home and I feel a little guilty.
  4. Sending my brother and sister each copies of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. When I got home and realized I hadn’t accomplished my task I tried to think of something I could do from my computer.  This past week I’ve talked to both my brother and sister (who are away at school) and we chatted about the holidays and how much we were looking forward to getting together.  In a brainwave today I remembered how much we all love getting together to watch the Christmas Vacation movie.  I thought sending them both a copy was brilliant, inspired and perfect for them as they always have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit while writing final exams.  It would give them a taste of home and of the holidays while they were busy finishing up their work.  I logged on to Amazon to find out they are out of stock.  I then tried various other sites and found the same thing.  Apparently it is the single most popular Christmas movie around.  Who knew?
  5. Cheering my husband up My husband had a dreadful day.  I feel so badly about it as there’s not really much I can do to cheer him up (believe me I tried).  I got him dinner and entertained X so my husband could have some much needed down time.  I gave him hugs.  Told him I loved him.  I tried other things.  Nothing really worked.  It is my hope that when he reads this and realizes that I was able to score him a copy of the 25th anniversary edition of Back to the Future for 50% off (which I found while looking for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) and that it will arrive in 3-5 days he’ll smile just a little.

Maybe tomorrow will be a little more successful.


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