Tiny Hands

These tiny hands hold my heart.  Today for our 30 day give challenge I decided to give my time to my son.  Now some of you out there might say that I do that everyday being a SAHM but today I decided to let a few things go.  I focused less on keeping the house perfect, on getting stuff done and more on actual play.   We play together every day (after all I’m a big kid inside) but today I really let my hair down.  We crawled on the ground and we walked all over the house.  We got out all the little people.  We played with every truck.  We colored, we read and we cuddled together.  Today was about doing things together and being focused on his needs.  It was great!  X has never been happier.  When my husband came home he commented on how happy we both were and was blissfully unaware of the mess.

When I look at these hands now I can see how much they’ve grown.  In the past year my little baby has grown into a toddler.  He’s become independent.  He plays on his own and seeks adventure wherever he can find it.  He’ll get into anything and everything.  Time passes quickly and I know soon enough I’ll be boring and he’ll want to go play with his friends.  Today was a special day.  A day to let things go and just exist with each other.   After all these tiny hands won’t stay tiny for long.


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