I am one lucky girl.

Today the plan for our 30 day give was to go to the store to get some food and purchase a local food bank bag which was filled with all of the things that they urgently need at the moment.   I wasn’t too worried about it and in fact planned to pick it up on our family’s afternoon walk.   After lunch I bundled up X, found my husband and walked out the door into the pouring rain.  Such a bummer!   Taking X out into the rain for OJ, Saran Wrap and some pumpkin seeds seemed a little extreme.   He didn’t need to get wet running too and from the car so I figured we could wait until tomorrow.

My husband didn’t see it that way though.  He took my list (I admit I’m crazy enough to make a list for 3 things) and went to the store for me.  He said I wasn’t feeling well (I have a bit of a cold) and he would take care of it.    When he got home I remembered that I had forgotten to remind him to purchase the Foodbank bag.  I figured I would need to do it tomorrow. He surprised me however.  He remembered.  He took care of it.  It was awesome!

Today our family took part in the challenge.  It wasn’t just me.  I thought of the idea but my husband followed through and we were able to complete our task together.    My 30 day give project gave me a gift today.  It helped remind me that my husband does pay attention!   He notices the things I care about and will help me get them done if I can’t do it alone.  We’re a team.  I have truly been given a gift in him.  I am very grateful.


One response to “I am one lucky girl.

  1. I love this! What a great hubby 🙂 (It’s always nice to find out the little ways they do listen to us!)


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