A quiet (but meaningful) beginning.

Day one wasn’t eventful.  It didn’t involve a large group.  It wasn’t a huge donation of money.  It was quiet.  It was simple and it was a blessing to me.

Today I took care of my Mom.  Her father is very ill and isn’t likely to make it much longer.  This breaks my heart.  I’ve been feeling it and we’ve talked about it in our family but over the last few days my eyes have been opened and I’ve seen how much pain my Mother is in.  She is usually a woman who is strong and silent.  She carries herself with grace, with dignity and pours out love on others.  She doesn’t ask for much and she’s always giving to others.   So today I took her out to lunch.  We laughed, we talked and we played with my son.  It was wonderful to see my Mom relax, forget her fears and live in the moment.  Giving her a break from the stress of the day was a 30 day success in my eyes.

30-Day Giving Challenge


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