The 30 day give

The 30 day give.  A challenge to give.  An opportunity to experience intentional giving every day for a month.   My family has been given many blessings.  We have a comfortable life filled with love, fun and a whole lot of laughs.

When I began today I wasn’t sure what November would bring.  After all I’m a newly ‘retired’ minister.  I recently left my job after a year of maternity leave because I didn’t feel I could give to my congregation in the way they needed.  I wanted to be there for my son.  I needed to be a Mom.  I wanted to take care of my family.  That decision (made with lots of prayer) was a difficult one.  In some ways it felt selfish.   I left my job serving God to serve my family and while I know that’s what God wants me to do, sometimes the voices in the crowd drown out my sense of calling and add to my confusion.

This November project for me is about finding a new way to serve.  It’s about giving in quiet ways and experiencing God while I do it.  Please join me as I journey on a new path from ministry to motherhood.


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